Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I was up early to capture this lunar eclipse. There will be another in February 2008, but you never know about the weather or marine layer in our area. This morning, with a high pressure system sitting over Southern California, the sky was crystal clear (well, except for the smog, haze and other gunk that hovers over the LA area).

CLICK HERE or a larger view.

I do not have a telescope, so this is the best I could capture with my photo gear. By the way, Kelly got up early to sit with me and enjoy this astro phenomenon. It was a nice quiet morning, save the car alarms, trash cans being dragged to street and our dog burping after eating some bugs.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I spent few hours this morning walking at the Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills. This small waterfall is found almost immediately as you enter the nature center. There are other waterfalls, but this specific waterfall is very easily photographed from a bridge.
Lots of nice reflections can be found in the small stream running through the nature center. I like this one especially because it looks to me like the tree is growing out of the water.
A stop by the simulated mine at the nature center. An artistic filter has been added to bring out the "Danger" sign which is the reason I stopped at this location.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, my very good friend and fellow photographer Paul accompanied me to the Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim Hills. This is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy the sites and sounds of nature, all within the confines of a big city. The well maintained trails wind through all types of landscape, but mostly oak groves that create a canope of cool shade. Lizards, birds, butterflies and dragonflies are some of the little critters we saw in the short time we spent on the trails. There is a small stream that winds through the canyon. A few waterfalls offer pleasant and relaxing noise as you sit on the park benches and take it all in.

If you visit this oasis in the city be sure to stop by the visitor center and checkout their display of live snakes, frogs, tarantula, scorpions, fish, and birds. Parking and the admission is all free!
Walking through the nature center you will encounter all kinds of vegetation, including many types of vines. Most of the vines grow up into the oak trees, some as high as 20-30 feet. Within the canope of the trees some light would penetrate through to highlight the plants.
These tiny (about 1.5" long) dragonflies were everywhere. They would land near you and allow you to get real close and take lots of photos before flying off.
Some more of the little creatures!