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Well, it's been an interesting year for sure. I've heard many say "good riddens" to 2008, and to some extent, I must agree. However, 2008 brought many changes to my life for which I am grateful. Kelly and I start out the new year in our new home. This change is part of a larger plan for early retirement. We've seen our granddaughter reach four-years old, our daughter join the college crowd and our son join a rock band. The latter I am still working through, but with medication I just might come around.

As I sit here on New Years morning, I opened up my photo files from 2008 and glanced through the thousands of images captured in the past 365 days. Images from places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, the Grand Canyon, Parks and Jerome in Arizona, Northern California and Oregon. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, and studio sessions. Walks along beaches and hikes on the trails. Photos of family and friends, strangers and landmarks, they just go on and…