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Nature's Christmas Lights

Heavy fog this morning left dew drops on the pine needles.  After a little filtering presto, nature's Christmas lights.
©Gary Gionet


Imagination and courage can lead a child to a whole different world.
©Gary Gionet

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Sammy's look of "Go ahead, make my day."
©Gary Gionet

Rough Day At The Office

Samantha's 1st Birthday!

She worked so hard at tearing apart the cake and, she hardly ate any of it.
©Gary Gionet

Get Over It!

Love this quote!

Bearizona, AZ
©Gary Gionet

Hold On To Faith

Enjoyed an afternoon of beautiful weather at the pier in Seal Beach, CA.

Stop Yelling At Me!

Not an extremely profound quote but still a good practice to keep.  This owl photo was taken at Bearizona in Williams, AZ.

My Sweet Sister

Joyce Anne Rudofsky (Gionet)
July 27, 1951 - November 2, 2012

My sweet sister, Joyce fought a heroic battle with cancer for 3 years before going home to Heaven.  God used Joyce to touch so many lives.  She gave courage to those fighting similar battles.  She is my hero!

Joyce and I shared a passion for photography and, we would never miss an opportunity to photograph the beauty found all around her in Arizona.  I will miss the many late nights we stayed up talking gadgets and photography.

I will miss most those incredibly large hugs I would receive upon arriving and leaving her home in Parks, AZ.  I always looked forward to those hugs!

I know I will see my Joyce again someday but, until then, I will have a piece of my heart missing because she took it with her to Heaven to hold for me until we meet again.

Forever in my heart.  Forever in my mind.  I love you Sis!

Note: This is one of my favorite photos of Joyce taken about a year ago at a place she absolutely adored.

Be The Change

In the aftermath of a polarizing election truer words were never spoken.

In Pitman Valley, the McHat Inn (1931) sits on  the old Route 66 just 2 miles east of Williams, AZ.  The Inn was later named the Wagon Wheel Lodge.  The Lodge sold gasoline, food and had cabins for rent.  Across the street from the Lodge was the Elmo Dance Hall that, in the 1940's, lent a reputation to the Lodge as a brothel.  The Lodge later became a private residence but now stands abandoned.

Time Enough

Those special moments with loved ones are enough.

I am learning it is not about the amount of time you have with someone you love but rather the moments and memories.  This will sustain you in the emptiness.


In memory of my hero, my sister, Joyce Ann Rudofsky who moved to Heaven on Friday, November 2, 2012.  Joyce battled cancer for 3 years but, God decided enough with her pain and brought her home where there is no pain or tears shed.

Love you Sis!

View a short video tribute to Joyce:
Tribute Video