Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kelly and I hooked up the trailer and spent three days at Morro Bay State Park. On Thursday, we arrived to a hazy afternoon, followed by two days of complete fog (all day long). This image of Morro Rock and the three stacks of the power plant was taken from the rock formation on top of the museum. Thursday, we spent most of the afternoon exploring around the campsite. Oh yeah, we found the Dairy Queen and their .99 cent hot fudge sundaes. That one made into my Favorites list on my GPS!

The next two days involved some day excursions. Our first trip on Highway 41 took us to Atascadero, with a stop at an avacado farm (lots of ripe avacados for sale). The following day we took Old Creek Road from Morro Strand Beach up through the lush green countryside. From Old Creek Road we took Highway 46 back down to Highway 1. This is such a beautiful drive up some windy roads that take you from elevation 50 feet in Morro Bay to 1,795 feet at the end of Old Creek Road. Lots of green hills, oak trees, cattle and horses. Once back on Highway 1, we proceeded north to the Elephant Seal Beach just south of Big Sur. The female seals gave birth in December and January so now the beach is full of new pups and a few dads (see pictures below).
Morro Bay is well known for being a sanctuary for all species of birds. Here we have a Great Blue Heron high up on the trees guarding her nest. For bird watchers this is a gold mine.
Low tide exposed the abundance of sea life around Morro Rock. During a low tide there are numerous tide pools to explore.
A lone pup making his way down the beach. I think at this point he was just exhausted. You've got to love that cute face!
Daddy smiling big for the camera. This guy wasn't going anywhere. He was totally happy in his sand recliner.
The three tenors, uh, well at the moment, two tenors.

Monday, March 12, 2007

We awoke Sunday at 2:00 am to Kelly's car alarm sounding. When we checked it out, we found that a small white truck sideswiped Kelly's car and then ran head-on into our neighbors car pushing it into their second car. The coward fled in his truck before we could catch him. There was a witness, and the suspect left behind some of the front end of his truck, so maybe there is some hope of finding the punk. An old friend from Garden Grove's finest showed up to take the report. I got a brief chance to catch up on the happenings of GGPD.

I think the suspect lives in the area, because nobody takes the shortcut through our housing track unless they live in the area. Kelly and I spent Sunday morning and again today scouting the area, but no luck finding the culprit. It's funny, Kelly told me just that evening that when her lease was up, she wanted to keep the car. Is someone trying to tell us something ???

This morning the car was towed to Ron's Paint & Body, owned by my cousin Dave Gionet. I followed the tow truck to the shop, and there I had a great visit with Dave. We both love photography, so I guess you know what we talked about. It was a good visit because it got my mind off being angry with the punk coward who hit Kelly's car.

We count our blessings though - Kelly was not in the car, and no one was injured. We are also thankful that my truck, parked directly in front of Kelly's car, was not hit. I know that sounds selfish, but if my truck had been hit, we would have missed our Morro Bay trip planned for this Thursday. God was watching out for us.